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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Server Virtualization of HP,the Benefits With VMware

Server Virtualization


What is Virtualization?

Virtualization is the technology that makes it possible to create a virtual version of an entity, including an operating system, a storage device, a network resource, and a server. A simple task such as creating two hard disk partitions is an act of virtualization. When you partition a hard disk, you logically divide the hard disk in two parts in such a way that they behave like two separate hard drives. Virtualization of operating system enables you to run more than one operating system on the same hardware. One of the most popular technologies used in virtualization is VMware, which can be used on Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems.

What are the main benefits of HP Server Virtualization?

HP Server Virtualization is also done with the help of VMware. The technology provides all tools, software and support you need to improve the utilization and scalability of your system. Some of the top benefits of using HP server virtualization with VMware solution are:

The need to purchase new hardware comes down because you can now host multiple virtual servers on a single physical server.
It is quite easy to setup virtual systems. These systems are easy to manage and you can have them running at their full functionality much faster than a new physical server.
You need fewer servers for disaster recovery.
You can easily move your clients to high capacity servers. This not only simplifies management but also brings down the expenditure required to manage and maintain them.
What is the need for server virtualization?
A genuine question. Well, to answer this, let's have a look at what all you can achieve when you implement HP Server Virtualization with VMware in your organization.

One of the most prominent features of HP Server Virtualization is that it helps you easily share your IT resources. This helps you save on money, increase response time and optimize the utilization of your processor. All these features make it possible to easily meet the continuously changing demands of today's market.

Server virtualization also contributes toward optimizing your storage and the way you use your server and other resources on your network. Equipped with this technology, you can effortlessly meet the requirements of your teams as well as clients at much lesser cost than having a separate physical server for each service.

When you implement HP server virtualization, you get to use your server to its full capacity. This helps in minimizing downtime and maximizing your productivity. All this is possible because integrated server virtualization enables you to use multiple applications on one virtual server without compromising on performance.

In short, when you implement HP server virtualization solution in your organization:

You can get more out of fewer servers thus improving server utilization and bringing down the server density.
You save cost on spending on large number of high-end servers that are usually not utilized to their fullest. With virtualization you can establish a thinner server environment with less number of highly reliable servers performing at their highest output.
Changes are no longer a nightmare. Virtualization makes it easier to respond and implement changes.
System recovery is much quicker in comparison to other standard hardware-based servers.
It becomes really simple for you to manage your workload and resources.
You can access essential application even during downtime.
HP Server virtualization solutions can be easily customized to meet the requirements of your organization. The technology ensures efficient use of resources, easy data and application migration, and much better utilization of your servers. All these features and more make this technology one of the best solutions for your organization.


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