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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Online Cloud Storage Review:GotBackup Vs. Carbonite

Online Cloud Storage

GotBackup is a new online cloud backup venture from the Texas based GVO Inc, which stores your information and files on the cloud. GotBackup has two sides to it - the customer side, where it backs up files online and an affiliate side, where it is possible to make a lot of money by marketing Got Backup to other people.

Carbonite is a Boston based online cloud backup company that has been around for quite a while now. Carbonite aims to provide affordable, reliable and secure online cloud backup and has an affiliate program as well.

This review compares the two online cloud backup companies, GotBackup and Carbonite.

The Features

GotBackup is an online cloud backup solution that is quite similar to Dropbox, as it has to be downloaded just once, is easy to configure and starts backing up your files online immediately.

GotBackup offers unlimited storage space, backs up the data on your PC, Mac, smartphones and tablets, and makes it easy to identify the files by tagging them.


GotBackup has a very secure system and uses the same encryption technology used by banks - the 256 bit AES encryption. No one apart from you has access to your data stored with GotBackup, not even GotBackup employees.

With GotBackup online cloud storage, your data is safe and easily accessible. Carbonite allows for an easy online cloud backup and storage.

Just like GotBackup, Carbonite offers unlimited storage space. It offers several backup options, which allow you to schedule your backups. Carbonite offers continuous backup, which means you can save a file in real time even as you edit or make changes to a file.

Carbonite also archives older files so that they are easy to restore later, if you need them. You can store files of unlimited size with Carbonite and have remote access to your data from any computer or device connected to the internet.

The Price

GotBackup has a trial plan that only costs $1 for the first week, and thereafter, if you are satisfied with GotBackup's online cloud storage, you can go for the full subscription plan.

The plans include:

Personal Backup, which is available at $8.99 per month, which becomes $7.99 per month when you pay annually. The disadvantage is that this plan offers unlimited online cloud backup for just 1 computer or device.

Then there is the Family Plan, available at $14.99 per month, which becomes $12.99 per month later when you pay annually. This plan backs up 5 computers or devices, for 5 separate accounts.

The Backup & Share Plan costs $13.99 per month. It costs $11.99 per month when you pay annually and offers unlimited online cloud backup for 1 computer or device. With this plan, you can sync your files between different computers. There are no setup fees with any of these plans.

Carbonite offers a Basic plan for $59.99 per year, which offers unlimited online cloud backup space for one PC or Mac.

There is the Plus upgrade plan, available for $99.99, which backs up external drives and creates a mirror image of an entire disk, offering a full system backup.

The Prime plan, available for $149, is most comprehensive, offering an automatic video backup and a courier recovery service, using which the data saved by you is sent to your address on a disk.

The biggest issue with all the plans offers offered by Carbonite is that they are restricted to a single computer or device - which is a major drawback.

Got Backup, as mentioned earlier, offers plans that allow you to share data with multiple devices.

The Affiliate Program

One of the best features of Got Backup online cloud backup is the affiliate program. Got Backup offers 100% commissions, which is amazing. This means for the first month, you get 100% direct commissions for all the people you are able to convince to use Got Backup's services.

From the second month onwards, you will be earning 50% commissions for your direct referral.

Also, you will be getting 50% of every $1 your direct referrals make each month, which creates an excellent down line for you, one with seemingly unlimited depth. There is no restriction on how wide your referral chain can be. A talented online marketer can potentially make anything from $3000 to $8000 per month in commissions from Got Backup.

Carbonite online cloud backup has a decent affiliate program, but offers a relatively lower commission of 30% on each direct referral. Clearly, when it comes to the affiliate program, it is possible to make a lot more money with Get Backup, than with Carbonite.


Got Backup offers an easy to use online cloud backup, which is both secure and easily accessible. The plans are quite affordable as well and accessible across multiple computers or devices. Carbonite offers a great online cloud backup as well, with affordable plans, but they are restricted to a single computer or device. Also, Got Backup has a more lucrative affiliate program which allows talented internet marketers to earn an excellent income on direct referrals.


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